Thursday, October 27, 2005

Scraps breeding

Yesterday I decided it was time for a new jacket...the cold weahter is here. Judy Lockhart and I had sort of challenged each other to make a quilt out of our scraps from our Katrina quilts. There are also scraps from other recent projects as well as leftover blocks...two or three from Innova and scraps from my crazy quilt bags. So I made this jacket yesterday...using a sweatshirt. SOOOO I wanna know WHY do I have more scraps now than I I have to make another jacket? or maybe a quilt..

.I know I will send them to the scrap queen....Bonnie Hunter at could use some contemporary scraps couldnt you Bonnie...Bonnie is definitely the queen of scrap quilts. You should have seen her is it Ocean Waves quilt with all those teeny half square triangles.

These are some of the quilts the scraps and leftover blocks came from...

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