Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lady Nolly

Posting Lady Nolly again so you dont have to dig thru the back log of posts....for those of you who dont know she was one of the 15 quilts accepted for the Do you Know what it means to Miss New Orleans Exhibit. She is made on one great fat quarter of Caryl Bryer Fallert Fabric, her hair is a piece of silk I found in the sale bin at Mary Jos, her dress and the white caps are cheese cloth that I got for 50 cents a pound(AND thats ALOT of cheese cloth!!:>) ...I used setacolor to hand "dye" the cheese cloth blue green water color....her face is done with oil pastels. Oh I ripped strips of a rich brown velvet for the weeds and also swipped Kims gorgeous ribbon she got on the net somewhere for the lighter weeds... silk ribbons were also painted to match her dress...ya know a sawthern belle has gotta match!!

Nolly is heavily beaded quilted...ruched, embroidered...and when she comes home she will probably get more beads...bought these opalescent ones but ran out of time!

Really wanted to leave her face unquilted but she was wavy...because of all the heavy quilting so I had to..used YLI silk thread to do it....

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