Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tassel Making

Been having too much fun today making tassels...all different sizes and shapes...mostly they are made of scraps of silk and some of the cut offs from making an improvisational pieced quilt. Then I had to add some glitz to them...scraps of chiffon and yarn and other shinny things...very fun...Some of the scraps are literally out of the trash...thin scraps from paper piecing...yes I am paper piecing slowly a New York Beauty...

MOst of them have a corded top made by zigzaging across the strands of fabric...now the question is WHAT to do with them?
These are two big tassels...they are about nine inches long.
The top of one of the big tassels so you can see the zig zags...
Two baby tassels...maybe 5" long...there are three more that did not show up for some reason in blogger...well all I can say is go figure blogger Posted by Picasa

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