Tuesday, October 24, 2006

fall along the rivah

I rarely stop to take pictures from the Savannah River bridge although i have thought about it frequently..the view there is usually gorgeous and frequently awesome...i dont think these pictures do it justice but it was one of those gorgeous perfect fall days...a breeze with a brilliant blue fall sky...i think the light in the fall is hard to beat!

A colorful biker out enjoying the beautiful afternoon...Hwy 28 is BIG with them! These are pictures of the old rice paddies...we call them lagoons now...they are on both sides of the bridge right before you turn into our neighborhood....they are actually prettier than these pics...need to discover the use of the wide angle on my camera.


Lin said...

Maggie -- these are incredible! I love the water scenes and fall foliage -- now my frien d-- paint these!!!!!

Sioux said...

Never been to Savanah...beautiful!!