Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Journal quilts

This year I decided to use a variety of techniques taht we used in the Star Gaze Tome class that I took at Fiber on a Whim. Of course i was already familiar with alot of them because of the quiltart list BUTTT had just not used all of them.

This is January. She was chosen for inclusion in the Journal book along with six other of my journal quilts. She was also featured in an ad for International Quilt Festival in the lastest Cloth Paper Scissors...oh my was that a know in your mind when you see the ad you are always thinking..WHY wasnt mine chosen?? Well this time mine was..

A Page from My Book Journal Quilts 2006 – Journal Quilt Project

Woodland Elf – Taking a class using a lot of different fiberart techniques I decided to try to incorporate at least one of them into my jounal quilts this year. This one incorporates face drawing with a pigma pen and colored pencils as well as tyvek painted with lumiere, heated and free motion quilted with black core madiera thread


Water Sprite – I love the ocean so made an underwater nymph using lumiere painted tyvek, fabric made with misty fuse, scraps of glittery threads and Angelina fibers all held together with my favorite black core madiera…with a shisha mirror embroidered to make a head piece


The month of wisteria… hand dyed silk ruched to make lovely purple blooms dangle from this woodland fairy’s head with tendrils of green silk …cellophane painted with setacolor was heated and used for leaves…the face was painted with lumiere with touches of gel pen and quilted with YLI silk thread


Stamps and collage to make a dreamy collage picture…hand dyed silk ribbons…ink and gel pens also used. FMQed with metallic threads.


The smell of fall is in the air and I love the look of my red maple tree in the fall…flaming in its beauty. The leaves are made from tyvek, fmq stems with black core madiera and cellophane setacolor painted seed pods heated ….all free motion quilted to a piece of my hand dyed silk velvet


Lin said...


Rachel Murphree said...

Maggie -- these are just stunning! WOW! sure wish I could see these in person! Rachel

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Wow - these are amazing - I can't imagine even beginning something like it! Brava, Maggie!

Kay Cox said...

Oh Maggie, once again, these are just breathtaking, even more so in person. I am curious about the use of cellophane in the autumn quilt. I'm just not sure what you mean or how you use it.
Do you show your quilts in South Carolina? I am determined to get there on one of my visits to my son and family in Charlotte. And if you decide to teach anywhere, please let me know.

shirley said...

These are wonderful Maggie. I looked at all of the Journal Quilt Pages in Houston and even looked for yours in Karey's Book. Congratulations! Your work is inspiring.

carolynk said...

Wow your quilts are beautiful! I love the mix of different colors too. I bet they look even better "in real life".