Friday, November 10, 2006

Well life at our house has been topsey

turvey lately....working, taking an online graduate level class, teaching quilting and hmmm what else did i need in my wooden floors and a couple of chandeliers for the living room...the puppies had been busy using the rug in the den since i went back to work so doesnt everyone buy new oak floors for the dogs??? BYTW did I say my new floors are gorgementeous??? Had the upstairs hall redone with wood more ickkky carpet....YEAHHH...

I hired a company owned by Rainer Rosenbauer to do the work...and they did such a great job...even cleaned up behind themselves!! They mitered the wood around the fireplace....just gorgeous....

This is before the furniture was in ..

They even put the furniture back in ...and that tv and its BIG honking cabinet was no easy thing to move....

.next project book cases on either side of the fireplace...oh yeah and a mantle...this "modern" 1980 fireplace is just alittle odd to me....I know Dickie...its real Italian imported black marble...hmmm wouldnt it have to be imported if it were Italian???

The dining room chandelier

We had these old 1980s slab of grey crystal glass reallllyyyyyyy ugly chandeliers...i mean I didnt like them in 1989 let alone in 2006...they are NOW history...and the new ones really light up the the living room and the dining room....we were living in the dark ages!! :>

The "foyer" chandelier...well the entrance way?? :>

They also found the leak in the kitchen ceiling and its now patched....scratch coat of plaster on and two more coats to come...then new paint on the kitchen and den ceiling...hmmm wonder if I dare replace the light fixtures in the kitchen and breakfast room BEFORE they to home depot and lowes again tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I love the floors! Are they real wood? I've been thinking about getting wood, but just don't know how well it will hold up to a 70 pound Weimeraner dog. I especially like the scroll type entry chandelier.