Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mixed Media Tags

My dear friend Ille got me hooked on making tags at Christmas when she generously gifted me with 15 - 20 Christmas tags which I still have hanging on a tree...I know its February BUT...they are too pretty to hide away in a drawer.

Refusing to pay $5 for 20 manila tags at Michaels I ordered a box of 1000 from Amazon for $37...woohooo....I knew my friends would split it with me at $4 per 100! And they down to about 250 tags which should keep me busy for a while!

The ribbon on this card was dyed with my Tsunieko Inks

Then i made ten Valentine tags for my family and friends...and decided that I was going to do a monthly holiday tag to add to my tree. The same day Ille told me that Tim Holtz was doing monthly tags...great minds right??

Here is my Valentine tag...i know its late but you can start now and make it for next year!! Sorry not to have taken pics of the other ten...what was i thinking...I will do better next time right?!!

The heart was coated with crackle medium.

I stamped it with a flourish and with 1 Corinthians 13 stamp before I started collaging the card. I used some of our 36 Tsunieko inks on the flourish. The color was Cherry red I think. And the inks are the kind in the bottle that we bought for coloring on fabric. I just used the brush marker to spread the ink instead of coloring with them. I used the tea Tim Holtz stamp pad on the 1 Corinthians 13 stamp.

I used my fabulous Martha Stewart glitter pens to glitter the flourish.

Then I collaged the tag with music and old dictionary pages. BYTW be careful what dictionary pages you choose...some of mine said things like lunatic and moron...oops...not too nice for a valentine...all the music were from love songs.

The small heart was cut out and glued on ...and of course Valentine words!

I pleat folded a strip of pink crepe paper from Target on the bottom edge and glued it UNDER the dictionary page.

I used the marker to spread some more of the cherry red Tsunieko ink with the marker to tint the card pink. Next i sewed around it with brown. While i was upstairs sewing i noticed a piece of brown batik on the sewing table...i shredded that by ripping 1/4" strips for "ribbons" I love the shreddy look of them tied in a bow on the tag.

Too lazy to dye some of the off white yards and yards of rayon ribbon i bought off ebay with the tsunieko inks i tied bows of crepe paper on the top to finish off the tags....all i can say is PULL GENTLY they will tear!! Ask me how i know lol!!

And last i added a line of glitter on the crepe paper.

A few other things I have made recently.

Puzzle thank you note and envelope

As with everything else I seem to do this thank you note turned into a major project. The photo was mounted on tag board and backed with green paper and stamped before we ran it thru the Sizzix. And of course I had to make an envelope out of the leftovers from the back of the card...But it was alot of fun...I hope my son and his wife like it...should arrive at their house today.

Next blog post...hmm how i made these tags?! We shall see!! Hopefully another blog post in the not too far distant future...just more fun to knit and make art than blog!!

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Joy Manoleros said...

These are beautiful! After graduation I have so many things I want to try this summer... >sigh< Glad to have found you through Lynn Krawczyk!

Winnie said...

Wow.. Love your tag! I also love your pieces you did in your NC class. That looked awesome. I love that you thought to save your papertowels after using them. Oh my..You are truly an artist. Awesome pieces!