Thursday, March 08, 2012

John C Campbell Folks School - Warm and Cool Class

Keith House

Just back from a most wonderful week at John C Campbell Folks School in Brasstown NC near Murphy. Fun times with several new dear Lorraine and Joann and funny Steve and dear Cindy and so many other wonderful people from all over the country and Canada....

Best food...we ate alot but I actually lost weight...hmm portion control and healthy food...Music and nite or paint your heart out...

A great class with such knowledgeable teachers

Mixed Media Painting and glass...warm and cool...I am now plotting return trip for his watercolor class...he reminds me of my favorite professor Freeman Schoolcraft. So knowledgeable and skilled at all things painting and collaging. His wife Bobbi the queen of glass!

Opening Doors

Ken got us off to a great start. They had five easels set up with a different color canvas on each one. Each of us rotated painting something different on each of the five canvases. Two diagonals one time, a cross another time, whatever we wanted for example. This was mine. It looked like doors so I enhanced it. I thought doors were kind of an appropriate symbol for the week that followed...odd how things happen.

I still want to go back and add some words to it but so far not quite done!

Spring on the River

Next we folded crumpled and glued down tissue paper on canvas and then had to paint it...this is what i came up playing with the transparency of my golden paints.

Blue Ridge I

Around lunch time I got the bright idea to fold the paper as mountains...this was my first attempt...still playing with the transparency of the Golden acrylics Thalo Blue, Hansa Yellow, Pyrrole Red, Quin Magenta and Quin Nickel Azo Gold.

Blue Ridge II

My second attempt at the mountains. I like this one better because they dont line up vertically. I think i took off more paint while doing these than i left on...mopping with a paper towel the whole time.

Moon Over the Blue Ridge

My next bright idea...we were supposed to be combining the glass with the pictures which i was not getting...then i realized i could add a moon to a nite scene and I was off down the adding glass trail. Bobbi was sweet enough to make the moon for me at home with some silver on the back. It really glows.

Spring trees II

If you know me you know that I have an ongoing romance with all the all oaks in my neighborhood...and spring is blooming along the rivah...I just love the leafless tree skeletons...and the soft reds and greens of early spring.

Coral Reef

Next on tap was citrasolve...spraying national geographics with citrasolve...WHAT fun and WHAT fantastic papers it produces....Mine had a lot of triple and double spreads. This is one of the doubles with another page attached as the reef...I lightly painted it with Golden iridescent gold and some micaceous iron oxide...and of course painted the reef quin magenta mixed with the gold for more underwater glimmer.

Next i added the jellies to it..and a school of fish. The jellies are strings of glass that Bobbi kindly provided with a little help from our class glass queen Martha Vann who had the pile of light purple ones...hours of gluing with E 6000 was done.


The angel was made from another citrasolve double spread. The pages had stuck together and when i pulled them looked like angel wings...even had a space for the angel in the middle...I lifted color for the hair in the middle with more citrasolve...enhanced it with iridescent gold and purple some pit pens and then some gorgeous deep purple by golden. Next came the drips...LOVE those drips ...iridescent gold, micaceous iron oxide...Golden of course!!
I had squirreled away a lovely piece of glass nugget that was pale purple iridescent...just the thing for my angel to hold.

My favorite piece of glass...actually about 2" square!


You will never guess what the water is made from. I had been saving all my paint rags aka old paper towels all table was a wreck with bits of saved papers and towels and tea bags...but as i was cleaning up I found this fabulous paper towel. I glued it down just as i found it...added a couple of extr
a fish leftover from the coral reef...VOILA a great fusion of paint and glass!

Oak Leaves from Keith House Parking Lot

I picked up 6 oak leaves one rainy morning and flattened them in a JCC class listing book. When old dried leaves are wet they can be reflattened to glue onto things. I have a whole telephone book of leaves that i collage on to art work. The background of this is on a wood cradle. I glued two sheets of citrasolved National Geo down...then added some more citrasolved Geo to make the cruciform. Then added 6 leaves...a nice remembrance of a wonderful place!

Hmm more leftover glass bits the big squares and the smaller dicroic glass on black and clear glass...I do have some ideas on what to do with some of them...stay tuned!!

Our class Show N Tell on Friday

Bobbi and Ken

Blue Ridge III

More tissue paper glued down to form mountains. OOPS I forgot to use the transparent golden paints...i may have to veil this one
with more tissue paper and have another go at it...


Karoda (nickname) said...

Nice work and the place looks relaxing...I have a ever growing bucket list but I'd love to take a workshop there!

Salim Reza said...

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