Thursday, March 08, 2012

The charm of John C Campbell Folks School

Keith House
Check in!
Keith House is also a dorm. Upstairs two large bedrooms that are so cozy reminding me of the Waltons tv show with single beds and dormer windows...SIX beds in one room for the ladies!! Another large room for the guys.

Hubbel House - My dorm
An interesting round two story building...the window on the right was my room the left my house mate Cindy's. The rooms were not square...even the hallway ran at an my friend Rebe would have said the house is slatendicular...that means slightly OFF in Charlestonian! We slept like the proverbial rock! Having fun, doing art and eating is hard work!

The view from my dorm Hubbel House
...this is the Woodturning Studio with the green roof and the red building is the Art Studio where my class was

Another dorm - Mill House

Our view from the dining hall

Yet another dorm near the Blacksmith Studio

Spring House
I think this is a very small studio...
such a charming building

I think this is the Maintenance Building.
The JCCFS campus is so large part of the time you are wandering around wondering WHERE that building is that you just visited. Thank goodness for the handy maps they gave us!!

Orchard House Dorm

Wonderful fence
from the Dining Hall down to the Craft shop

Each Section is different

A wooden bowl

Dawn near Keith House...

we had to be early risers so we didnt miss those delicious breakfasts....JCCFS is famous for its granola.

Rainy Day at JCCFS

Lots of yahd (yard) art

No doubt made by the blacksmithing classes
which are nationally reknown for their teaching

Art studio Sign

I need one!!

The mouse wall

Near the ceramic and woodcarving studios..
.a collections of bits that people leave for the mice..
added to from time to time...such fun

View towards the Blacksmith shop from Orchard House

The awesome quilt studio...
dont we wish we had this room?!

A close up of the snake!

I think i have to make one of these for over the den sliding doors...a shorter version?! Or it could wrap around the kitchen and den?!

The new Blacksmith Studio.
Very cool

LOVE the hammer suspended from the arch
and the anvils supporting the columns...throughout the building there were many blacksmith extras like huge beams carved on the ends with anvils, a wrought iron staircase made up of work of many different blacksmiths...each balaster was different.

The old barn and blacksmith studio

Eagle under the eave of Keith House

Made by the blacksmiths i am sure...
there were hand wrought iron touches all over the campus

Enameling and Ceramic Studios...
also where glass mask class was

Friday nite Concert

The last nite there is a concert with a live band. This is a Blue Grass band and of course I can NOT remember the name of it. Before they were done a huge storm hit turning the lights out...we spent the rest of the evening out on the back porch of Keith House rocking and laffing and watching the storms blow over the mountains...GREAT evening!
Chocolate and good company with an awesome view...what else can a girl ask for?!

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Vicki said...

Hey Maggie, you had the same dorm and the same room I had. There was a couple across the hall and another gal in the other room. I just loved it. could live there forever. And the food is to die for.