Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My March tags are done...and will actually arrive in family mailboxes on or BEFORE St. Patrick's Day..OH MY they will be in shock! You know in an Irish family with thesurname McCarthy its required that St. Patrick's Day be commemorated!! After all our family built the Blarney Castle and we are full of blarney naturally:>!
I made two variations of the same style.

First I stamped the large tags with writing and flourish in Peeled Paint. Then i sponged them with Tea and Walnut Distress Inks.

Then I cut out a rectangle of either green paper or the shamrock fabric Siobhan brought over for Art Day to share.

I used a bracket stamp with Golden Irisdescent gold paint to make the brackets on the green tags but I could have also used some of the Lumiere the Gold Green one on green.

Fabric Version

After the paint dried I used the Walnut Distress Ink on the green paper and then glued them on the tags. Be careful with the fabric. It will get wonky.

I cut out ovals from an old music book and glued in the center of the green rectangles.

I traced and cut out Shamrocks out of an old cardboard box, painted them gold and then glittered them.

Added trims.

Did I say I made ten of these?!

I also used a glitter pen to outline the ovals and the green backgrounds.


The most different thing I did with these is to take glittery threads and twist them together to make a cord.
  • To do that take a lenght of several threads or yarns or both FOUR times as long as you want them.
  • Double the threads up.
  • Hold one end in your left hand or if its really long under your foot and start twisting the threads. Keep twisting till they are wrapped tightly.
  • Now for the hard part...DOUBLE the twisted threads on themselves...and let go of one end...I usually hold onto the end where the threads were cut.
  • The threads will twist into a permanent cord...knot on the end.
  • You can also attach the threads to the mixer to wind them up and make the cord!

Wrap the twisted threads around the card and tie in a bow.....Add some frou frou such as a crushed rayon bow, some shreds of glittery tulle, a spray of leftover threads and a piece of metallic thread for a hanger on top and you are done!!

OH the envelopes!!

These were cut from an Earthfare brown grocery bag.

Its very easy to make an envelope to mail your tag. Cut a rectangle 8 1/2 inches long by 9" . REMEMBER measurements may vary depending on how big your tag is!!

Fold it at 3 1/2" and then again at 3 1/2".

Crease the folds!! You will have about 1 1/2" left for the flap. Cut a triangle off the outside edge of the flaps. Mine are usually an inch, by the width of the flap.

Stamp the envelopes. Glue along the edges and fold the envelope up. Zigzag stitch along the outside edges for a nice decorative touch.

Address them before you stuff them because they may be lumpy to write on!! Stuff them. Glue the flap down. You are done...

Book of Kells stamps that Sio lent me with green ink
gave the envelopes a real Celtic flair!!

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