Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mixed Media Flowers

The Flower

My mom's birthday present with the flower...she's going to be 86!!!

Well dear reader surprise surprise...I am posting to my blog...I have been so busy making things and dealing with family like my darling youngest sons wedding that my poor little blog has been languishing on the internet...

Just a wee little pic of the joyous occasion!!

SO here's the quick thing I thought i would post a tutorial to make these fun ribbon roses...

I used a roll of THREE inch WIRED ribbon from Hancocks...bought on sale last year...

First you cut a length of the ribbon in half. I used about a yard of ribbon.

I scalloped the edge of the I did NOT use a brave...the worst that can happen is you have to start over!! You could also use a pair of pinking shears to do this with.

Third....gather the ribbon by pulling on the wire. BE CAREFUL NOT to pull the wire out at the other end...ask me how i pull on the other end too!!

The back of the flower

Fourth curl the ribbon up in a tight circle. Wrap the ribbon round and round till you get to the end. You can either sew the center together on the back OR you can glue it OR you can wire it together. CrEaTiVe!!!

A close up of the flower on the present...the leaves are made from a champagne bottle wrapper!

Not enough contrast with this flower...hard to take a pic of!!

A tissue paper flower with a center of cheese cloth...leaves are made from a tea wrapper.
But you can also use cheese cloth and tissue just use a wire or thread to hold the those kleenex flowers we all made as kids!!

This is the tag tree I had up for Christmas. My friend Ille started my tags...and I adore them. She also has helped several of us make more...See the Seven Gypsies Blog for how to make these tags...they are ALOT of fun but oh so labor intensive!!

I made about 7 or 8 of them now including this one...with the ribbon rose!!

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Micki said...

love your blog. your work is inspiring. continue, pleeeze.