Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 45 - Skyscape

I painted this in about 20 min. I tried to give myself a time limit so I wouldn't fuss with it.

Out My Window Version 1

                                           Out My Window Version 2

I decided to darken sky to make the white in the clouds pop. Not sure it was a success. The sky is now very spotty.  I do love the watery trees and the river water.

First I washed the whole page with water.  Sky was done with cobalt at the top and cerulean at the bottom.  The clouds have cerulean and yellow ocher and cobalt with cad violet.  Trees New Gamboge and OOPS some green on my idea which green.  I added indigo and ultramarine blue to it for the darks.  The water was made by the trees running into the wash.

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