Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 44 - Bear

My new BFF Bear is done. He loves to watch to see what you are eating. Of course I wasn't eating a thing.  I did him a few weeks ago using a not too great photo of him.  This one actually looks like Bear.


Its much easier to paint a solid colored dog than a brindle like Bear.  Lots of little daubs of paint here and there to get the brindle effect.  Painted in my moleskine with cerulean, ultramarine blue, cobalt, and indigo.  Browns - yellow ochre wash to start, quinacridone sienna, burnt umber.  The greys and blacks are made with indigo, burnt umber and vermilion.

A TIP: Alot of people find it hard to get a dog to pose for them.  It's really quite easy...hold their favorite snack up and they will look at it.  Take a pic with the other hand...several if you have an iphone!! I have even sketched my Jack Russell Jazz by holding food over her head.  She would patiently sit there waiting til I gave it to her. I didn't have to do that with Bear.  He's such a chow hound that even the thought that I might have a snack for him was enough to get him to look at me.

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Marilyn in Ontario, Canada said...

For so long I went to your site and you weren't blogging.
I am enjoying your journey with painting
I haven't done watercolours in 14 years and your blog has made me want to get back to it. I have been looking for courses in my area to give me a kick start.I may have to wait until December because all of the weekend courses come on dates that I am already booked for other things.
Thanks for the 44 days of interesting blogs.