Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 43 - Urban Sketching in Decatur???

Does sketching in Chick Fil A count as urban sketching?? It is right in downtown Decatur Ga.  I sat right in the middle of the Chick Fil A in Decatur and sketched some of the customers - a lady enjoying the morning paper and a young man using the wifi. There's always a young man using the wifi in any cafe.

I forgot my glasses in the car so this was drawn and painted without my glasses.

I used my Winsor Newton field watercolor box, a box full of Daniel Smith quinacridones, and a pit pen. The greys and shadows were made with cerulean, Quin magenta and Quin sienna. Think it have some nice effects.

The tiny paintbrush in the kit was so small it slowed me down.

I really like the red umbrella and the scene out the window toward the Decatur Square.

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