Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day 46 - Daniel Smith Watercolor 66 Sample Chart

I tried out my Daniel Smith Watercolor 66 Sample Chart today. I bought it at Binders-Atlanta for about $5 last weekend.   First I made samples from the colors. Then I painted three small paintings using it.

River  Bend Summer

This is the first painting I did using the color chart.  I really like the way the Primateks granulated in the trees...A nice effect I think.  I also used Pearlescent white on the tree trunks to give the effect the sycamores give when you look at them.  They seem to glow. To the left of the painting I listed all of the colors I used painting this picture so I wouldn't forget.

Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Try It Color Chart

Primateks, Quinacridones and Cadmiums

The 66 color chart is a great way to try out all the colors without buying the tube. I got mine at Binders for about $5. Primateks are quite expensive. Lapis Lazuli can cost $30 in an art store...$20 on Amazon.

Now I know which Primateks I like and which ones I don't think I want.  What did I like about the Primateks?  I liked the way they granulated and that they were very transparent. Even used in heavy applications they retained their transparency.

I had been really wanting Lapis Lazuli.  Now I don't.  Its neither as bright or dark as I thought it would be.  I do want the greens and two of the other blues - Sodalite, Blue Agatite, Diopside, Jadeite and Serpentine. I have Hematite and Piemonite.

I already own all of the Quinacridones and just love the bright pops of color they give and I have New Gamboge which I use frequently- a perfect color for sycamores this time of the year.

Pearlescent, Iridescents and Duochromes

I love sparkly pearly colors.  These do that so well...but they are best used over another color to shift the color.  I own most of these except for the Duochromes which color shift into two different colors.

Stay tuned for Part 2 Tomorrow...two paintings done with the paints.

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