Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 47 - Daniel Smith Watercolor 66 Sample Chart

Daniel Smith Watercolor 66 Sample Chart

Ever Hopeful

I decided to paint a painting of my dog Honey using the Daniel Smith Watercolor 66 Sample Chart.  I used mostly the Primateks on this painting. Hematite, Piemonite, Blue Agatite, Burnt Tigers Eye, Black Tourmaline and Imperial Violet.  It was very hard to get a dark enough black. No matter what I mixed together it the black was not dark.  THEN it granulated. Normally I LOVE granulating but it gives a splotchy look to Honey to me.  I was NOT wild about the effect.  

So I decided to repaint Honey using Ivory Black and a mix  Indigo, Vermilion and Burnt Umber -my normal black mix.  I like the results of this one ALOT better.  

How did I paint this one?? I drew her.  Then I painted the dark areas with Ivory Black.  I then filled in the open areas with a watery Indigo blue leaving spots of white.

Which one do you like better???

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