Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 56 - How I paint a lab

Evidently I can't count.  Today is the 56th day of blogging. I have TWO Day 54s...hmmm

Anyway today I painted my lab Honey again. And this is how I painted her.

First I drew Honey and the bowl.  Then I painted the black leaving space for the highlights.  The rag rug presented quite a challenge.  First I started with dabs of all the colors in it leaving alot of white.  The colors got lighter as they receded. 

Next I painted over her fur with Indigo sometimes it was quite watered down.  Other times it was fairly thick. The bowl was done with yellow ochre, letters Piemonite, shadows cobalt and burnt umber as was the inside.

I was surprised how well the rag rug was turning out. After the colors dried I added different strengths of grey to fill in some of the whites.  Then I went back and added some cerulean for very subtle shadows around the dog to loose some of the edges.

After days with no clouds I painted a quick sky painting before I painted Honey.  I do like those granulating primatek greens for tree paintings.  

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