Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Day 87 - Happy October!

I love Fall so I am happy October is here. Full of wonderful fall things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, cool weather and the leaves fall.

I have been busy painting pumpkins. Twice but I bet you knew I would do TWO.

The green pumpkin is called a Fairytale pumpkin and is an old French variety. Makes delicious pumpkin pie. Beautiful green with orange highlights.  Eventually these pumpkins turn orange.  Can't wait to see what color of orange mine turns.

I seriously wanted to scrawl Happy Fall or something on this page with my beloved Pentel brush pen but I managed to restrain myself.

Had fun painting the straw. Wash of yellow and ochre. Then I added splotches of burnt umber, ultramarine and indigo. Then I used my old tooth brush to splatter the straw. Background. You know the colors. Cerulean and yellow ochre splattered with the tooth brush with the cerulean and burn umber mixes. Don't forget to shield your pumkins!!!

The ghiradelli is green apatite with cobalt and touches of cad orange and an orange mix from quinacridones rose and gold. Shadows? Ultramarine and burnt umber.

Small pumpkins got the same treatment. Start light go dark gradually.

The nubby squash. Light cad yellow. Building up w oranges and
Yellows adding green gradually.

Painted with identical colors. Think it may need more work but first I am sleeping on it.

Thanks for looking!!

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