Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 180 - the Annual Dachsund Parade

They celebrate New Years in spectacular ways in Key West. A drag queen drops in a red sequin show. A conch is the crystal ball here. They also have an Annual Dachsund  Parade. There were hotdogs. There were fairies. And strollers. Dogs and people in every conceivable costume. I sat on the corner in the middle of the hubbub of 200 plus sausage dogs and just about every other kinds of dog drawing this with my Noodler Creaper Ahab. Colored w watercolor pencils. 
They marched in the street around a one block section. It was a hoot. And the mobs were thick. Cameras were clicking. Everybody had their favorite. 

This is the double page spread. 

A hot dog but then you knew that's what they are!!!
Chihuahuas were there!! 
My sis managing the crowds. 

My fav dog Moby Dick. A Jack Russell of course!!!

Well what can I say!! Crazy every New Years Eve!!! Be there!! 

Thanks for looking!!

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