Thursday, January 01, 2015

Day 181 -The Trees

First post of the New Year! Hard to believe I started this blogathon over half a year ago now. Never thought it would last this long!!  Watercolor pencil,Tombow pens in my watercolor Moleskine.  
These are two of the indigenous trees on Key West. I drew them while I sat on Whitehead St waiting for my my sister who was on the phone. You never have a chance to be bored of u have a sketch book. 

These two trees are fascinating. The Kapoks can be huge. Covered with pink mimosa like flowers or pods that actually can be used to stuff life preservers because kapok floats. The trees are very twisty and often have huge winglike butresses to hold the big trees up. The Banyan at banyan House covers the entire yard. ONE tree. It spreads by dropping runners which root and become tree trunks. This one is huge and is swallowing the yard and the house. You can stay in the house a bnb called the Banyan house.   

Happy New Year!! Thanks for looking!!

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