Friday, January 02, 2015

Day 182 - in Transit

Back to the real world. Not nearly as much fun but lots more Key West sketches to share 
The Bistro. Good breakfast. Not as good as Blue heaven but a laid back spot where you can people watch at the street front bar or dream the day away on the tucked away patio over a cup of coffee or tea.  It will get watercolor not wc pencil so I can play with the colors. 
It's really a double page spread drawn with my Noodler Creaper Ahab Flex in my Wc moleskine. I have a whole moleskine I am using for Key West.   

The next two are sketches of every day Key West happenings to be added too. 
Scooters.  Can't wait to paint this a swath of bright red. Everybody rides scooters or bikes in Key West. 
Chickens abound because they are protected.  You say HUH?! The federal
Government declared all birds on the island protected in their great wisdom forgetting it included the chickens brought over by him was it Bahamians or The Cubans?!  No you can not have chicken for dinner!!  How many ways can you spell illegal?!  Thank goodness for the cats and hawks that help keep them in check. 
Original dachshund parade pen sketch. Thought u might like to see it. Hopefully not again!

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