Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day 183 - Still sketching

In my watercolor moleskine with my Noodler Creaper with Noodlers Bulletproof ink. 
Setting about the layout of a moleskine watercolor that made me want to draw a double page iguana. The layout just called for one big iguana!! Yes I admit I used pictures.  They sit in the grass around the condos and I am extremely allergic to grass. Their heads poke up above the grass ever vigilant for food. There are so many they devour the vegetation to the ground.  Think deer when u think iguana.  I hear they taste like chicken. 

This is a compilation of all things Key West. I blocked it in with a pencil but added bits and pieces as I thought of them to fill in the page. At some point I switched pens!

Here it is reinked. Think it will be a lot of fun when it's colored. 

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