Monday, June 13, 2005

Yes that IS a quarter by this quilt. This is Linda Yehley's miniature wedding ring quilt that she sells for $40. It is completely hand done, hand appliqued and quilted. She will even let you pick your colors if you want to..I keep telling her to raise her prices but she wont. I dont know why!! She has made at least a 100 of them and sold them. Each is signed and numbered and dated. She also makes a Sunbonnet Sue equally as small and even more detailed.  Posted by Hello


deb said...

Welcome to the Ring, Maggie.

teri springer said...

Welcome to the ring....and tell your friend she is seriously underpricing herself.


Elle said...

Welcome to the AQ ring!

I love her piece and she's made 100 of them? Wow.