Monday, July 25, 2005

The underwater sea crazy quilt purse

so I did work on it a little last nite...its too much fun to bead...finally quit at 1:30 am...see now you really think I stay up all nite...

OH I used pencil for her give it some color....and goign to add more seaweed fun fun...and some fish The second one is the newest edition of th ebag...although the colors are more correct in the first pic...Now you can see the girls face...and her face is not lost under the hair!!!

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Allison Aller said...

Oh YAY, crazy quilting turned loose! I love it...gotta sew those beads on tight on the bags, I have discovered that the hard way. A little ABS glue on the knots is what I'm going to try next time.
Beautfiul, joyous work, Maggie!