Wednesday, September 07, 2005

JUST DOING IT!!!-Quilters Comfort Americas and local quilt effortsPt3

Quilt cat guarding my pile to be mailed to HOuston TODAY!!! YEAHHHH!!

Just got the exciting news from Judy Lockhart that Karey Bresnehan, president and director of International QUilt Festival had posted that more than 300 boxes of quilts had arrived in Houston and that the evacuees were thrilled to recieve them. Dont you wish you could have been a fly on the wall???

Am posting some of my strippy quilts so you all can see them before shipping them off today.

As usual one of the Jack Russells was supervising it was Jazz turn..doesnt she look sweet...its the Atarax shes been taking for her fleas...:>

Also a friend of mine Judy Lockhart in Oxford Ga sent me pictures of hers so you can see those too....Arent they gorgeous???this weekend we will be making quilts after our guild meeting so dont forget to bring STUFF to do it with.

Judy said that her guild is going to have a special work day to make quilts for the evacuees and that a friend of hers had taken THIRTY quilts to the Salvation Army to donate to the victims that have evacuated to the Atlanta area.

My friend Laura Casey and her Weebee bee friends in Asheville, NC are also making some....yeahhhh we will blanket them with quilts wont we?! Those people who are going to West Virginia and Minnesota WILL definitely need some quilts!!! BRRRR it will be cold there soon...

I had thought that quilt police cat Tom was off duty but as usual he showed up to insure quality control and he was all over the newest twin quilt checking for threads that needed to be trimmed!!

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Tonya R said...

That is a fabulous pile of quilts there. You are very generous and several people will be very lucky to receive one of them.