Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Birthday to us!!

The quilt... The birthday girl Rachel Watson and her birthday present. Shes a fabulous fifty.

Sorry not to have posted more recently. Been trying to finish up a friends 50th birthday quilt. She makes quilts for all of her singles group friends so I decided she needed one from her

the flash on the new camera...grrr....and here is a pic of her when she saw it for the first time....she quilt grew like topsy...this is a picture of Rachel Watson and her quilt. I forgot to open did not have a clue I made it for her although I made her let me trace her hands...
been done on Rachels birthday. I put the last stitch in the binding an half an hour before Kim Massey and I left for Ille Water's house where we were having a joint birthday party. spent my birthday on the 21st and most of her birthday Nov. 22 binding her quilt. and binding and binding and binding.....the quilt is 90" square.
A friend and member of the bee Bonnie Hunter machine quilted it or it would not have been finished on time.Betsy Cade another bee member had a birthday on Nov. 23. Been a busy week...add in Thanksgiving and my sons long time girlfriend's birthday on thanksgiving...welllll lets say we have been very busy!!!

The Center medallion. Everyone in our bee Wonderful Women Who Quilt traced their hands and signed them on a heart on each hand. Its is based on a Sue Nickels pattern from her Machine Applique book. I fused each hand and flower and leaf and buttonholed stitched around each one.

The birthday girl arrives!! Isnt Ille's house gorgeous???

Rachel sees her quilt for the first time.
And Paula Brown did not want to miss a thing....

The back of the quilt...we thought it resembled

Betsy Cade made a lable for us...and of course everyone had to sign it again....

Time for dinner ...Paula Brown, Connie Burleson and Marie Atkinson head for the kitchen. I think that is Paual Matson behind Marie.

Kim Massey and Linda Yehle taking pictures and watching the progress on dinner getting ready....we are sooo hungy!!

In the kitchen L-R Bonnie Hunter, Connie Burleson, Becky Cade, Ille Waters and Kay Lawrence.

Kim and I are taking pictures of each other.....


dogquilter said...

i'm gonna have to blog the one of you did have a fun time didn't we?

:-D eirdre said...

Beautiful quilt - your friend is very lucky!

Do you know the name or company of the quilt back fabric? Its wonderful!


allison said...

A happy gathering and a fabulous gift! Thanks for sharing it all with us...