Saturday, December 31, 2005

The last of the big ones that I took..well worth looking at...Murphey village...all the owners named King and Queen Carroll or Murphey...home of the SC Irish travelers...scam artists who will charge you for a roof that has no shingles or paint your barn without paint...and let you marry their 12 year old daughter for new blood in the family...engagements often start at age 7 or 8 when they are introduced to society... Posted by Picasa


Felicity said...

Gosh you're right, they do have to be seen to be believed. I'm Irish myself, I find this embarrassing but there is just as big a problem in Ireland with these people - called tinkers years ago.

Linda said...

Wow -- would ya' look at those houses! Other than the getting married at 12 and the illegal bits it makes you want to sing "Oh, the gypsy's life for me, for me..."
Fun to look at!

Sewcatherine said...

As soon as I heard about the travelers in sc...I was fascinated. Never been but want to go check it out sometime. This Dec. I was at Disney World and saw a group of traveler women with their little girls. I knew immediately what they were by their hair and pearls. I couldn't help but stare. The gold jewelry on the 3 year was wild. The last name written on the stroller was "O'something" It was the first time I had seen travelers up close but I knew with the big hair that they were not your garden variety big haired red neck!!