Sunday, January 22, 2006


I have made parts of four of these since last Th week...three are done. They started as projects at quilt retreat. My friend Connie and I pieced this one out of a bunch of strips I had brought with me. We also made one for her and I made one for my mom for her birthday on Jan more to go...and they will all be done. If you knew what a fit the first one gave us you would consider it a miracle that three are finished.

When we were working on Connies if the worst could happen it did. The blocks had been paper pieced by another friend using rayon thread...when Connie pulled the paper off the threads when she started quilting it the fmq foot got stuck in the now open seams...that was just for starters...And would someone PUHLEEZ tell me why walmart sweatshirts seem to twist when finished...both hers and the one I did for my mom seem to not be even in front although they are...the left side hangs down farther than the other... and streeetccccchhhh ...they stretch like crazy...dont use the Hanes shirts unless you cant find anything else...I think the good will store might be better.


Judi said...

Think it has to do with the quality of the sweatshirt. Our quilt shop sells heavy duty sweatshirts for $40 to make these jackets with. A bit too rich for my blood.

I think your jackets are beautiful - so colorful. No way you could be in a bad mood wearing one of these!

Bonnie said...

*hehehehe* i saw first HAND the fits the first one gave you, and they all still turned out so great! Your mom's Bday is the same as mine! Yesterday....with a double rootcanal!