Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Little Pink Book



spent last nite at my friend Diane Frankeburgers house last nite at Summerville and got to work in her beautiful new studio built for her by her darling husband Marvin...and we made books..this is the start of a little book I am making about my sweety Jack Russells...its about the size of a deck of cards and unfolds like an accordion. The inside is blank right now but it will have something in it check back...more about my wonderful time in was fabulous and inspirational...


dogquilter said...

the book is'll have to show us how to do it...

Jan Cotton said...

Kia-ora Maggie
Will you use the book for sketches of your delightful friends
how I have enjoyed all your skecthes.Waiting to see the finished book.
Kiwi Jan NZ,