Saturday, March 11, 2006

Atlanta and Athens

So not having been busy enough today I started scanning my dads notebook from Choisin Reservoir in Korea...I made some copies so all the history buffs could read them but these are ones that I played with...all this was in this one tiny notebook...and now that i think about it I need to scan the notebook too...I have a bout a half an inch stack of these pages to go thru back and front..I can get three pages at a time on the scanner...and did you know that you have to start on the left...i did mine all from right to left...musta been tired?!!!

Okay just back from a fast trip to hot atlanta and then on to athens to see did I take pics of all the cool places we went yesterday ...or my bros brand new twin girls or my sons fiances EMILY drew cute I wandered up and down oldest sons street taking pics of the flowers...just what I ALWAYS do at 8 am are a few...Somebodies house...he was just outside...wonder why he left his paper??? have no idea WHOSE house this is but it looks like spring in this yard
Daffodils...the quintessential flower of spring to me...
And spring has hit Atlanta...camillias in beaus front yard...arent they lovely??? WHY do they always hang their heads down....and isnt it sad when the lovely things lay on the ground...even if its mulched...I hear Jazz saying MOMMM its time to go...WHAT ARE You doing???? QUIT taking pictures and lets gooooooo

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