Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dolls and Kims Birthday

We have been working on our dolls for our tome...kims is on the left, then betty anns, Rachels Randy the pirate..isnt he a hoot...and my bodacious babe...they think she has too much chest but I told them that a siren of the deep has to have a bodacious chest...and I Know Randy the pirate agreed.
Tomorrow is Kims Birthday but we got an early start. Yesterday somebody who loves her took her to lunch at Rhineharts and then today ...well she got presents...tomorrow is the real day so who knows what she will get then??? MORE PRESENTS???
This is Kim holding one of Rachaels famous crusties...Rachael is a pro at dreaming these lovelies up...isnt it was wrapped up with a teeny mouse charm on the outside... Posted by Picasa

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Vicky aka stichr said...

Bodacious Babe; Considering how large clams can get, should one want to use more support....tho I hear they get clammy......