Saturday, May 20, 2006

how many more koolaid dyed socks

Okay so i am knitting a third koolaid sock...the second one which is below did not match very was alot darker and then it got this crazy red and orange stripe on the foot which would be fine if the first sock had striped like that BUT it I started a third sock which is now well past the heel. This is the first picture. The seond picture is the one that did not match. So now I have socks with three in the soon as i finish it...I think i will get some more of the white yarn and try to dye one to match it or if nothing else works dye both with red tropical punch so they are both red?!!

Somebody who I could not answer asked if koolaid dyeing was permanent....yes as long as its wool or silk but not on cotton. It dyes protein based fibers.
This is the second sock was much redder at the top and striped at the I started a third one which matches the first one. All I can say is go figure... Posted by Picasa


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Hey Ms. about a picture of what the yarn looks like when you started? dyed before the sock was knit? Wonder why I thought you knitted the sock, THEN dyed the whole thing.....hmmmm......

Is the yarn in the original skein when dyed? Or do you "hank" it and tye with figure 8 knots????? Enquiring minds obviously have nothing to do but surf blogs on a Sunday morning and ask pesky questions LOL!

Cheers, Sarah

Sioux said...

Oh, I love the colors of the yarn. And I really like the style of the socks! Wonderful!