Monday, May 15, 2006

Koolaid dyed socks

Okay here they are in all their glory...Koolaid dyed socks done...pair many more to go? Good least two more pairs...this is the pair that was dyed with grape and tropical punch...just dont forget to use sugar free koolaid!!
So you might ask how were these dyed?? Good question. First I filled up a 9x13" pan till about half the skein was in the water. Then I added tropical punch, added the skeins back in, covered the pan, baked it in the oven for an hour on 350. Let it sit for an hour. Then I let it cool and rinsed the yarn. Next I made it up into hanks of yarn...remember it had been in a skein. I tied the hank off in several places. Then I redyed parts of it with Grape koolaid in the microwave. Nuking it for two minutes, resting one minute till all of the grape koolaid was gone. NOW WHY is it spiral in someplaces and varigated in others? WHO knows....but its a fun effect. I know my mom will enjoy these for her MOthers Day day late because I was sneezing myself to death most of the weekend.
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Sioux said...

Too cool. I have wanted to try all the stuff, but haven't done it of my to-do's!!