Friday, June 02, 2006

Flat cat got nosy about what I was did he know?? I wasnt talking to him just looking at him..he must have a sixth sense?! Flat cat has luminous green eyes..he really is a beautiful cat. Posted by Picasa


Lin said...

We SURE were sketching together this morning!!! LOVE YOUR FLAT CAT!!!!! and the one that you haven't colored is so WONDERFUl and so CATLIKE!!!! I can just SEE those haunches raised like that!! BRAVA!!!!

Robyn said...

How odd! Cat's seem to be the subject of the moment. I have seen three or four as I have been cruising my regular blogs in the last half hours or so. I even posted a portrait of my kitten today.

Strangely, Meg did exactly what you describe here. I was half way through the watercolour sketch when she suddenly looked up out of a sound sleep as though I had called her. All I was doing was looking.