Sunday, June 04, 2006

Machingers and musings on clean white gloves?

Have been trying to decide WHY I wanted my gloves not looking so disreputable. I teach ALOT of machine quilting and always take them with me to class...well I did till they got so filthy and found them embarassingly dirty....maybe it dates back to when I was a kid and gloves and tennis shoes were supposed to be white??? I dunno or maybe its just that I wouldnt wear a nasty dirty shirt to teach in and feel the same about my gloves???

Okay here they are post oxyclean...they are at least approaching white again...they were umm a really awful grey color....someone asked how the rubber tips are...they seem fine though I have not used them yet...still you can see they are also trying to fall apart...shredding at the cuff...but I LOVE them and would NOT quilt anything of any size without them...they help grip the fabric when its sucking the oil out of your fingers AND they are not hot like the garden gloves and quilting gloves AND you really can thread a needle with them on...I SWEAR you can...really...

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