Monday, September 11, 2006

EDM challenge 83 - draw water-#2-4

Well I didnt draw out the back window again...not yet...its been overcast for so long that the river hasnt changed much...when I had time to draw I drew a picture that I took at the beach of people walking in the of my favorite beach activities....I also drew a picture of what is usually a gorgeous spot on Hwy 28 one the way to McCormick. A causeway crosses Lake Thurmond a hydroelectric reservoir 4 miles up the river from our house. They have been producing so much power that what is usually an island in the middle of this finger of the lake is now a penisula which you can walk out too...its dangerous to boat on the lake water levels are so low from producing power, docks are on the dirt. WHAT a mess this part of the lake is. The water usually covers up all of the brown and sometimes even floods the trees or at least this spring it did.Around here there is water everywhere....crossing the Savannah River to go just about anywhere from our house, ponds, the neighbrohood lagoons, the lake, the river itself...and I noticed alot of interesting textures in the water....sometimes it was as flat as glass and just as reflective, sometimes it had tiny dimples of dark color all over it...other times there were big silvery rolls of water but my favorite was all the funny turtles all over the shoal rocks at the I 20 bridge between GA and SC...They were on every rock as far as you could see...and made the rocks look even rockier...too funny...heaps of turtles...


Lin said...

Maggie -- this is really superb! The way you've rendered the water ANd the people! AWESOME!

kuriyama said...


I like it.

Happy time is imagined.
It is imaginable as think past.
Perhaps, the drawing style of the shaking water is a cause.

I learnt it.

Teri C said...

Fantastic painting of your water and bathers!!

Michael Emerald said...

How did I miss these? The color and sophistication of the brushwork is superb. BTW, I laughed my butt off over the story of that cross-hatched dog. That was really funny.

Jana Bouc said...

I like your water paintings--really nice, especially the group in the water.