Sunday, October 01, 2006

My big thrill this week...or is it maybe for the year

well not quite...because I will be in another magazine later this year...lets save that one for when it comes out...BUTTTTT a friend of mine, Bonnie Ouellette sent me an email Friday nite about my being in an International Quilt Festival ad....and I am going - what ad??? Apparently one of my quitl journals was chosen for the ad in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine to advertise IQF...its like my filly was picked to advertise the Kentucky Derby...YAHHOOOOO...CPSM is put out by the same people who publish Quilting Arts and they are also pulishing along with IQF Creative Quilting: the Journal Quilt Project for the last hmmm is it five years now???

NOW you might ask me where can you see this quilt at ...sorry will have to wait till NOv to post it...but you can see some of the older ones on my website under the journal quilt link...and there are still a few of those left if you want to buy one.

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