Monday, February 05, 2007

Play day products -Tommy tulip and a quilt or two

What better cat to put in a post also about quilts than the quilt cat Tom himself...he helped pin quilts together all weekend..he was in quilt cat heaven...then he decided to pose by the tulips...I think this needs a little more work...but not sure what...more white in the eyes...have to find my white gel pen.....and I woke up thinking of a great background color BUT now i can not remember what it will return right?

Okay so why was tommy so fascinated with DEAD tulips...we had driven him crazy all day with friend Connie and I sewed together a turning twenty top and pinned it for my brother in dh asked for brown...I had to perk it up a little with the green....I am thinking it looks like camoflauge? anyway everyone loved it....laid out on the kitchen floor to be replaced by Jeffs fabulous art comparison...but you will have to come to the show in Aiken to see the paintings...:> my bad...but you can check his work out at his website...this is another posting of the card for the art show at the aiken center for the arts

He painted...while Connie and Rachel pinned Rach's FIRST grandchilds quilt...and its as cute as can be...I quilted it for her...piece of cake in a few hours...Connie fed us...we all went home exhausted but happy about 9 sneezing and kept saying I am not sick i am not sick i am NOTTT sick but with those kindergartners coughing and sneezing and flaking out all over the place i feel like grunge today...KERCHOOOOO...see my new bookcases??? dont they look great!!!

THe last two quilts are oldies but recently quilted by that dynamo quilter Bonnie Hunter...awesome job...hope you can see it in the pic....this is one of the very first quilts i made when i started quilting again...almost cut my finger off making it with a rotary cutter...all the way across my index finger...but I saw some of my fav scraps of fabric in this ...alot of Hoffman batiks and flower prints...yummmy stufff......its huge king sized and will go to my moms if i ever have time to get binding on it...but HEY mom ...its here!!!!and a thread painting that I did of Santa who comes out just for Christmas...hmm then why is he still out:> Lazy me...havent put up all the decorations...maybe by june...hummmm maybe leave them up all year:>


Casey said...

Boy, things are busy at your house! So many beautiful things..Tell me, how does Tommy help in the quilting process?

Nina Johansson said...

Wow, it seems that every time I check in here you have posted something even better than the last drawing. You must be on a roll here! The cat and tulips are fantabulous!

Karen said...

Fine looking cat, Maggie!

Renate said...

Tommy and tulips are great! I love how you did the water in the vase.

Elaine Adair said...

Haven't visited you in a while - I'm missed your good stuff! I especially loved the little baby quilt, blue with the airplanes in the border. Wow - simple, and wonderful!

Also appreciate the way out colors and fabrics on the drawings - what great combinations. You have 'the eye' of an artist, I must say.

purplepaint said...

You can draw and you quilt! I quilt too! Check out my other blog if you like: