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help me i am drowning in books...most are quilting books...a few drawing more buying those....before i am drowning in them!!:>

SO HERE IS THE LIST:> Condition is listed on the expensive ones. Prices determined by what amazon is selling them for.

Shipping $3.98
If you are buying the $1 you must buy two to make it worth my time to mail them to you! Thanks.:>

$75 - Andersen, Charlotte Warr. Faces and Places. Applique techniques of this international award winning art quilter. Signed by author. Appliqué. Good condition.

$20 - AQS challenge series. Double wedding ring quilts: new quilts from an old favorite. Amazing adaptations of the double wedding ring . Good condition

$35 - AQS challenge series. Kaleidoscope: new quilts from old favorites. Versatile adaptations of this block. Good condition.

$10 THE Art quilt magazine Issue #11 – only one I ever got:<

$10 - Bailey, elinor peace. Put ons. Pin dolls from THE doll maker. $10

$10 - Bailey, elinor peace. How many angels can dance. 20 small dolls $10

$10 - Bailey, elinor peace. 20 pick pocket wearables. More pin dolls $10

$1 - Barber, Barbara. Foolproof curves: quilting with bias strips and continuous paper piecing.

$5 - Batt, Tanya. The fabrics of fairytale: stories spun from far and wide. The weaving of Fabulous worlds with fabric and stories. Beautiful story book with fabric illustrations.

$1 - Bawden, Juliet. The cushion book, creating pillows, bolsters, and decorative accents. $5 If you love pillows and making them…this is a fabulous book of extrodinary pillows.

$1 - Bird, Charlotte. Sew a work of art inside and out. For the fan of unique wearable art.

$10 – Black, Lynette. Dream sewing spaces. Organizing the chaos in your sewing room!

$5 - Browning, Marie. Handcrafted journals, albums, scrapbooks and more. Journaling at its best.

$10 – Buto. Shibori. Gorgeous silk shibori how to.

$25 – Colvin, Joan. The nature of design: a quilt artist personal journey. Excellent condition. The definitive book by this well known art quilter.

$1 – Reike, Ursula. Class Act quilts: 18 eclectic quilts by teachers and their students. Wide range of quilts from art quilts to pieced.

$10 - Craig, Sharon. Twist ‘n’ turn. Never know what to do with all those orphan blocks. Use this fun technique to make them all easy to set!

$30 – OBO -Dales, Judy B. Curves in motion: quilt designs and techniques. Ever wondered how to piece all those curves? Use Judy’s techniques to make it a snap. Almost new condition.

$3 - Dressed by the best: waearble art projects by ten well known designers including Lois Erickson, Maggie Walker, Mary Mashuta, Virgina Avery, Lorraine Torrence & more. Gorgeous wearables.

$3 -Eckley, Ginney. Quilted sea tapestries. Machine appliqué underwater scenes.

$40 – Eddy, Ellen Ann. Thread Magic: The Enchanted World of Ellen Anne Eddy (Paperback, 1997)the original copy. Great condition.

$20 - Edie, Marge. A new slant on bargello. Precision awesome pieced bargellos with the amazing Marge Edie. Good condition.

$10 - Edie, Marge. Bargello quilts. Her first bargello book. Out of print. Precision awesome pieced bargellos with the amazing Marge Edie.

$10 - Erickson, Lois Opening & closing. Unique closures for clothing. Known for her amazing wearables ….a jillion ways to close them!

$5 - Flynn, John. Feathered Sun: step by step. $1 All machine pieced.

$10 - Flynn, John. Double wedding ring:step by step workbook. $1 All machine pieced.

$10 - Hargrave, Harriet. From fiber to fabric: the essential guide to quiltmaking textiles. The definitive book. Easy to understand directions to test for fiber content, thread count, light fastness, washfastness, and shrinkage, storing quilts, batting selection charts & more

$1 - Hiney, Mary Jo. Two hour vests. A wide variety of vests all made in two hours. Another book for the wearable art lover.

$5 - Hopkins, Judy. Design your own quilt. Create quilts with your own person imprint. Take a ho hum quilt and bump it up to art category.

$10 -Hutchens, Rita. Totally tubular quilts: a new strip-piecing technique. How many ways can you make a strip pieced quilt?

$1 - Landman, Sylvia Ann. Make your quilting pay for itself.

$1 - Laurie, Jean Ray. Fabric stamping handbook. From the quilting diva

$10 -Lark Books. Quilt National: the best contemporary quilts. Eye candy for the art quilter. Out of print.

$1 - Leone, Diana & Cindy Walter. Fine hand quilting. Definitive hand quilting.

$5 - Libby, Shirley Sea and Shore. Paper piece any form of sea life.

$5 - Lund, Tricia & Judy Pollard. Classic Quilts: with precise foundation piecing.

$5 - MacGregor, Shirley. Treasure Underfoot: quilting with manhole covers, round 2. Applique inspired by the original manhole covers in Japan.

$60 – Marculewicz, Nancy Making monotypes: using a gelatin plate. Print making without a press. Excellent condition.

$10 - Marshall, John. Make your own Japanese clothes: patterns and ideas for modern wear. From the master of Japanese clothing. Definitive guide.

$18 - Masopust, Katie Pasquini. Ghost Layers and Color Washes. Amazing quilts from the master Good condtion

$30 - McDowell, Ruth B. Art & Inspirations. Signed. Amazing quilts from the master. Excellent condition.

$20 OBO Mori, Dr. Joyce. Sampler quilt blocks from native American designs. Some water damage in margins. Does not effect the directions. Sells for $60 on amazon. $20

$1 - Murrah, Judy. Jacket Jazz. The grandmother of the wearable movement…original book.

$65 - Nadelstern, Paula. Kaleidoscope quilts. The definitive book on piecing these wonders. Full of eye candy. Almost new condition.

$40 - Nadlestern, Paula. Snowflakes. $40 More eye candy for the quilter. NEW condition.

$5 – Nicolaides. Natural way to draw. Authoritative since the is it the 30s?

$5 - Noble, Maurine, and Elizabeth Hendricks. Machine quilting with decorative threads. Eleven easy exercises to teach you to work with decorative threads.

$20- OBO -Orban, Nancy. Fiberarts design book six. Eye candy. Full of amazing quilts. Good condition.

$10 - Oroyan, Susanna. Designing the doll. How to make her amazing dolls.

$10 - Oroyan, Susanna. Fantastic figures(doll series) More how to make her amazing dolls…

$10 - Oroyan, Susanna. Finishing the figure(dolls series) And even more:>

$10 - Packham, Jo. Where women create. Twenty creative female artists workspaces.

$10 - Packham, Jo. Create your own craftspace. Companion to Where women create.

$ 60 OBO - Parks, Carol. Make your own GREAT VESTS. 90 ways to jazz up your wardrobe. Price out of print book is skyrocketing. Great condition.

$1 - Pellman, Rachel and Kenneth. How to make an amish quilt. Definitive authority.

$40 - Piece of cake. Stars in the garden. Applique the piece of cake way. Good condition.

$1 - Porcella, Yvonne. Sixcolorworld. Creating hand painted fabrics & design exercises.

$5 - Quilt Lovers Favorites –Better Homes and Gardens

$1 - Quilters Travel Companion 8th Edition 2004-2006-definitive guide to quilt shops across the country. $1

$20 – Rankin. Fast sketching. How to draw what you see quickly and accurately.

$1 - Rodale. Perfect piecing. How to sew an accurate ¾ inch seam every time, innovative tricks for strip and string piecing, secrets for matching seams, five easy ways to make half square triangles.

$5 - Silver, Burton. Why paint cats. Did you know that some people actually paint their cats…gorgeous coffee table book.

$5 - Simmons, Judy. Creative marbling on fabric: a guide to making one of a kind marbled fabrics.

$5 - Simmons, Judy. Machine Needlelace and other embellishment techniques.
Singer. Fabric artistry. Explores innovative texturizing techniques like bubbling, crinkling and pleating, felting, pin weaving, trapunto, decorative stitching, devore.

$1 - Speckmann, Doreen. Adventures of Peaky and Spike. Piecing with the irrepressible Doreen

$15 - Speth, Pat & Charlene Thode. Nickel quilts. How to use up all those 5” squares we all have.

$40 - Sudo, Kumiko. Circles of the east: quilt designs from ancient Japanese family quilts. Almost new condition

$15 -Sudo, Kumiko. East meets west. Fresh new designs for quilt blocks with a Japanese twist.

$50 Sudo, Kumiko. Fabled Flowers. Japanese inspired appliqué. Almost new condition

$10 - Sudo, Kumiko. Omiyage. Balls, teapots and more.

$1 - Tauton Press. The new quilt:Dairy Barn National, 1991. Eyecandy

$1 - Townswick, Jane. Color blend appliqué. Stitch roses, orchids, poppies and more.

$10 -Visions quilt expressions…some signatures. Eye candy

$25 - Wada, Yoshiko. Shibori(paperback) from the Queen of all things shibori. Definitive guide.

$5 - Wolfrom, Joen. Patchwork persuasion. Definitive guide to innovative appliqué.

$20 - Wolfrom, Joen. Make a block any size. The name says it all. Almost new condition

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