Saturday, June 09, 2007

WHY I love my HP 1350 all in one

my mothers garden
first of all its still going strong after three its actually FOUR years in the fall...and it replaced my old HP 810 that i had had for 5-6 years...i gave that one to my youngest...where it continued to work till hmm someone stepped on was close to ten years old at that time...

today i am teaching a thread painting class...and i needed the pattern...i looked high and low for the pattern...couldnt find it...the original quilt that we are making is at the own design... so i couldnt trace the pattern off the quilt...the original digital pic is long lost on an old computer...thanks goodness for webshots! (This is a link to the larger original)

ANYWAY...i printed the webshots pic out...taped four sheets of paper together to draw it off on...drew it with my sharpie...drew a detailed copy of the butterfly we will be thread painting...printed out a couple of my blank emails with my info like email, websites....scanned it to see if all was well with my work...and hit its merrily printing away FIFTY copies...the pattern is actually FIVE sheets..

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zquilts said...

It's a great piece Maggie;
Also although you don't know it I found EDM through your posts - just what I was looking for. Thanks !