Friday, August 31, 2007

so it finally showed up


on my mac...who knows why or where it was hiding...this is the original of my rocking chair queen when i left fiber on a whim on Saturday...gosh is it already two weeks ago? I never noticed the whacked out rocker...Pamela did in the final class critique but i was a little tired by then...lack of sleep not too much work!


OF COURSE when i got home i did and this is how i changed it...i also had to add alot more fabric because it was turning into the incredible shrinking now the cat is sitting on a rug...that is a rug at the bottom..DONT tell me you cant see it:> Oh did you say the cat changed his fur??? well he wasnt showing he got a revamp as did her sleeves...ditto the reason...i have always been a believer in if it doesnt show why do it? nd i know Pamela Allen concurs in that opinion...because i have a of lovely scraps that got that remark from her and found their way to my scrap bag or the trash can......

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