Thursday, April 10, 2008

So I got a new Epson Photo printerscannercopier

the price was right...if you go to Wolfe Camera you can get an Epson CX7400 photostylus printer copier scanner all in one with durabrite inks FREE! well after you do the rebate...the deal is you have to buy a digital camera and you get the printer free with a boot they throw in a really cool hardcover photoalbum also that for i got a $15 digital camera...i can use it on the pc at school to take pics when i forget my big camera....the rebate is already in an envelope all ready to be mailed in with the UPC and the it will be back i got the printer and the book and a camera for $15...did i say i was shopping for another printer since my old trusty HP was 5 years old and beginning to sound grouchy...i had broken the paper feeder tray too...and i have a HUGE widebed epson that i have never been able to get to work with the HP conflicting with maybe now i can use that one will print hi quality pics with the inks that it has...ok i know there was something else...back to the top to the pics...

These are the first scans hot off the new scanner...Breakfast, the check, and our fav waffle house coffee cups...did i say we are waffle house regulars?!

double problem...can not find a place in the new software that will stitch them together and i can not no matter what i do get into my old HP editing software...tournament watchers abounded at The Waffle House today...polos and bermudas with deck shoes or tasseled loafers were the order of the day...diamond rolexs too...and sun visors..this lady had on one...bytw this sketch took just seconds while i was waiting for marsha and connie

so will try again tomorrow when these are colored...this was a journal page of my morning at waffle house for breakfast ...very eventful...Marsha found a $3000 yes thats THREE THOUSAND dollar check in the parking lot ...the guy was buying a golf cart...must have partied tooo much because she found the check and the contract in the waffle house parking lot...then i got some scrambled eggs...there was a hair in mine...ICKKKKK...they gave me my breakfast....after that the day went better!!

We shopped till we clothes time....out with the winter and in with spring and soon Hambricks...and then to help my friend Ille shop for her new camera and i got the printer...and what else...OH michaels...with our coupons bought some canvases and then off to the gym...two hours installing the printer and it finally off to make the bed!!
GOT to go back to work so i can rest...

OHHH and we beat the 100000 patrons at the Par 3 at the Augusta National heavy bumper to bumper traffic for us! Tomorrow racing off the green house in Appling then zipping off to Aiken and NO I am NOT going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Way cool. At least you saw the hair soon enough to get reimbursed for breakfast. Waffle House is sort of a world all its own... no matter what state/city you're in. Congrats on the all-in-one, too!!

Lin said...

YAHOO!! What a deal!!! And your sketches as always, Maggie are so charming and lively!! I've missed seeing them!! Keep 'em comin'!

Anita Davies said...

Great sketches, and I am impressed you found time for them in your hectic day!

Just because said...

You go, girl (couldn't resist!). All that fun, a camera, and some great sketches to boot. Thanks for making life sound like (and look like) so much fun!


Deirdre said...

I bought one of these printers 2 weeks ago. After reading your post, I went and bought a "camera" and another printer. I can't get the ink for the "free" cost! And my niece will love her new camera.

I was replacing an HP also that just never had bright images. The first thing I did was brush on some gel medium and I was so thrilled to not have the image run right off the paper! THANKS for the tip about Wolf Camera
:-D eirdre

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Epson printers. I bought a Stylus DX6000 just because of the Durabrite inks and love it. Lots to explore with printing onto fabric.

simplyred said...

Great deal on the Epson printer. AND on a $15 digital camera! Good shopping.

And I love your sketches. I am so a Waffle House gal, my husband and I depend on them when we travel. Sometimes the noise level gets a bit much as the waitresses complain about the "That first shift didnt't...." but the food is reliable and the hours fit our lifestyle. So I'm glad to see your sketches of the cool cups, etc.

Very much enjoyed visiting your blog.

Ms. Ernie
Gypsy Gold Studio