Friday, December 05, 2008


I have been making dolls for the holidays...These are Christmas dolls and I also made some Halloween ones but never got them posted....lately its like either make stuff or time or energy for both...must make it my new years resolution to get back to drawing and blogging...i seem to do that every year...and peter out by fall...

These dolls were fun to make...made with wild fun fabrics i bought when the Halloween markdowns began paying pennies for the glitzy stuff...and got a huge container of sequins and other shiny relatives of sequins at coupon...wahhh...but they were not very expensive...$3.99 and cheaper than another trip to the store! Now that gas has gone down maybe it would be cheaper to get a coupon?? lol

BACK TO the dolls...I made them for ornament swaps BUT they can be worn as pin dolls know how quilters like pin dolls...and they are fun to make but take a while...all that ripping of little strips of batik is time consuming...NOT:> Have it on my calendar to make a bigger one...with a couple of the big beads that i still to work..its Friday!!! They were hot items at both of the Chinese ornament swaps i took them too...traded until they could be no longer traded!

Here all the witches are together...or are they halloween fairies...seems that Halloween characters are very unpopular now...

Sorry the pictures are not better!

Oh and one morning picture of the river...this was taken on the way to work....odd the sky can change that much in minutes

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norma said...

Those dolls are soooo cute and your sky pictures are beautiful.