Monday, February 02, 2009

About that house

First I hear you no pictures....surely I have one of something somewhere?! So here is ONE:>

Views like this make getting up and going to work worthwhile...well almost:>

hmmm I may have a new side line painting doll house no wait MINIATURE houses...its scale...I was wrong the scale is 1/4"=1 foot...thats why the darn things are so tiny.

What kind of house is this? Its a cuckoo clock house! I had thought it was but was not sure....did you know theres a whole world of miniatures and people that make these kits and sell them and then there are the people who build these things like model hmm airplanes? the wooden ones...completely from all these teeennyyyy pieces...

Of course do i know who made this kit to give her credit??? Uhuh....

Funny story about the house. I took it to school today for show and tell. The first graders adored it. They were so enthralled. I have never seen them more quiet looking at the tiny bed and the tiny rockers and chairs and OHHH thats a tiny table! Too funny and too cute. They were most impressed with both the paint job on the house and the paint job on the furnitures. OH Mz Hunt you sure can paint:>!!! And i only had to slap one grabby wait they didnt touch a thing. They wanted to but understood the NO!

I know my friend Rachel would just love it if I knitted some miniature sweaters on hmm I hear they use pins?!! Might have to try just one after I get done with my current sweaters I am knitting from all those 32 skeins of lovely Noro #92 Kureyon yarn!

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