Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not your average picnic quilt

This is the poor little sister of the big one I got Best Use of Color on at the Asheville show...these are the leftover reject blocks from that one. A lady wanted to buy it for a picnic quilt...i thought NOT....and i am not precious about my quilts...i dont mind if the dogs sit on it but i was not in the mood on that muddy rainy day to see it dragged into a mud puddle. It was also one of the first quilts that i did on the long arm...the colors are dull in the post...i dont know WHY blogger is doing that...will post it to FB too ...bet the colors will be brighter...

bytw this is made from all the hoffman batik stripes i could find at the the time...using a Kaffe Fassett pattern from his first book Glorious Patchwork.
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Susie Monday said...

Beautiful colors. I cant imagine someone wanting this as a picnic quilt, as lovely as picnics are! Like the reef quilt on the Quilting Gallery Quilt Contest too. I think you and I are the only ones who've really stepped out of the box there!

Lorri said...

this is gorgeous ...I wish I had the funds to purchase it...I just love the look ....

thanks for sharing it is great inspiration.

Anonymous said...

That quilt would go up on MY wall, for sure. First off, it is a pattern I long to try and second, it's Fassett fabric which isn't inexpensive. Last but certainly not least, you made it; I would be thrilled to hang your work in my home.
We use a quilt my Grandmama made from scraps of polyester suits and dresses from the 60s and 70s for our picnics. It won't last anyway.
Sincerely, Suzanne G in NC
*from Quiltart list