Sunday, September 13, 2009

so why is it that pics are crooked....

it looked straight on the wall...but when i tried to crop it ...quite evidently crooked..this is one of the quitls i have finished this week....last nite...and now i have to rebind it....the inny corners are a little lumpy...and when i was binding another one i remembered the last one i did like this was only one layer of binding not a double back to the drawing board....but its getting entered SOMEWHERE and it needs to be perfect in its imperfection:> its all a little wonky by nature and design....thought it fit the ladies and their falling old tin roofed house...the baptist church fan quilting is a tribute to these ladies who were big in their churches...baptist of course

I think i bought my first Kaffe Fassett book 20 years or so when he combined his love of color with patchwork..well of course i was hooked...when Glorious Patchwork came out i bet i made dozen of his diamond quilts with my best friend who made another dozen or so herself...we made them in every concievable color pink brown green floral christmas a blue and yellow name it we made it...

so of course i had to make another one when i went to Intown home of all Kaffe last summer with my friend Judy and lime green...yummmm and i finally quilted it on the long arm last week...or was it two weeks was the one I was quilting when i cut my toe....and here it is all finished bound with a sleeve....waiting to go be washed and fluffed so the quilting will show better...of course i quilted it to can only see it if you are looking at it closely...but who cares I know its covered with roses and leaves and dragon flies oh and ribbons...much fun to quilt this huge thing...its about 84x 84"

detail of the quilting-of course you can see the quilting right?!!:>


Michigoose said...

Maggie's how you're holding the camera. If you hold one end slightly closer to the wall (not perfectly straight on, or if you're tilting the camera slightly up (as in it is just over your head) the quilt will not appear straight in your picture.

It is easiest to work with a tripod and to see that you have the top line perfectly straight.

Paralax, the "warping" you get with the lens may also add to the "not square" issue.

However, the quilts are fun and you just gave me an idea for the large print fabric I've been struggling trying to figure out how to's Mr. Halloween's Party, a 1930s inspired print and I can't bear to cut the FQ!


YankeeQuilter said...

I have an extra tripod that you are welcome to have...also in Picassa there is a function that straightens your photos! (so obviously you aren't the only one with this issue!)

Love the center piece on the wonky quilt! Did you paint that?