Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waxhaw Quilt Show

Last Saturday Rachel and i went on a jaunt to Waxhaw NC just south of Charlotte and two miles from the SC state line to check out a Barnful of Quilts show in a horse barn at Fox Farms...what a lovely place it was....Perfect weather....Great quilts....a featured artist and Ellen Guerrant...there were tons of quilts for sale at rock bottom prices and ten or so really interesting vendors of just about any fine arts or craft...all to benefit the Waxhaw Presbyterian Church. More pictures can be seen at their website.

BYTW Waxhaw is also the birthplace of the famous Andrew Jackson, president of Tennessee fame. Theres a lovely downtown area with lots of interesting shops and small stores....did we stop? NO off we rushed to Mary Jos before it closed...
I finally got to meet the talented and ever so charming Ellen Guerrant in her horse stall doorway to her booth...she had a lot of lovely things...

the approach to the barn...this is a luxury establishment

If this is a barn I want to live there...it has the best of everything!!

a horse and rider across the parking lot which was really a mown field.

a terrific rock seat with a great looking model in it...she loved that rock chair!
The front of the barn...and there were ALOT of men at this show!
They were hanging quilts and straightening quilts...maybe members of the Presbyterian Church? these two guys see to be in alot of pictures!
Quilts were hung around the rail of is it the paddock? The quilts were so inexpensive I wouldnt buy one...only later i realized that they were donated to the church as a fund raiser for the Waxhaw Presbyterian church. Definitely a great place to go for wonderful inexpensive quilts to support a good cause.

the pic of the day...this guy pushed those cute puppies EVERYWHERE at the show!

the views out the doors were awesome...

another view out one of the doors...miniature horses everywhere as well as the most gorgeous horses on this Pasofino horse farmsome of the helper bees!
small quilts were also hung on the barn door....I could not believe the price on this one....there were none of the quilters names evident on the pieces.

i came close to buying this one! But it was such a give away!

nice batik quilt...nine patches
$60 for applique wall hanging

interesting kaleidoscope..alot of these quilts were not sold for the price of the fabric let alone the work...

alot of piecing!

unbelievably this one was $165...a steal of a deal...
one block wonder

nice applique wall hanging...$60
amazing stars

another one block wonder which in case you dont know it is a TON of work!
fabulous feathers...
great quilting

beautiful batiks

sorry the pic was not better but we wanted to get home...neat colors though i think!
but you can see better pics here
on the way home we got stopped for about TWO hours in the middle of I 20 at Hwy 1 near Aiken by the leviathan of a generator literally driving across the interstate. It was too heavy for the bridge so they drove it ACROSS the interstate...lucky us got stuck too far back to watch the show of the crossing BUT they laid down huge sheets of metal for it to cross the median and of course took the rails out of the middle...the enterprise took two hours...the huge generator required two trucks with fifty huge tires...driving from a port near Jasper SC to a Duke Power Plant...no one knows if its nuclear or not...Toshiba made it and it looks like it will end up near the Duke Power plant in the upstate near Salem SC.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Margaret,
Thanks for the great pix of your group's show, and also the Waxhaw show. You're right, the prices were way too low. I bought a lovely painting at a church rummage sale once that was priced at $1.00! I said "That's too cheap!" and gave the lady a fiver.

Linda Laird
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