Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chenille Pillow

I made this chenille pillow yesterday for my friend Staci Swider's Ronald McDonald chair fund raiser...I cant wait to see them together!!! Will post a picture of them when we unite them tomorrow!!

I don't know why every once in a while i just have to make some chenille but silk chenille is the most awesome kind of chenille....the glow the fuzz of the comingling colors ...yummmy!
Heres a side view of it...I decided it needed to mimic the shape of a flower! The stigma or center of the flower is actually rounded just like a real flower would be. Dont you love the silk fringe on the side...made with chenilling techniques!

The pillow is small..perhaps less than ten inches. I have not measured it. Since it goes in a child's chair it had to be small but i think a large one could be YUMMILICOUS:>

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