Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watercolor Portraits

Dear Bella

Doing watercolor portraits of dogs and cats for $50 for an 8x10 if you are interested....and working on sharpening my watercolor skills...

Our family LOVES pets especially dogs but also last count we had just my sons and i have SEVEN dogs and at least one cat...we have a hard time having just one pet because we are continually taking in strays which is how I got both Bella and my cat Tom!

I am going to put copies of these at my vet's to try to get some commissions doing pet portraits...i DO love to paint and draw cats and dogs!

Dear Lucy

This is the portrait of a dear friend's dear Parti color cocker Lucy! I don't think Lucy was really happy about Elaine taking her picture but I DO love how this turned out...and even more important so does Elaine...and i have gotten TWO commissions to do more pets from friends.


Jazz ready to spring into action...hard to believe she's now FIFTEEN years old...our Jack Russell darling Jazzy!


Really like how this one turned out!!

I was trying a new technique on this one... my friend Marsha likes it you know everyone

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