Thursday, May 23, 2013

Painting Trials and Tribulations!

I sketched these angel wing begonias the other day and sat down to paint them. Thought it would be a quicky watercolor sketch!

Here's the original photo. I edited out the background in my head at least. Who wants to paint the dog water bowl?! And too many leaves!

I used masking on my whites - yes, including the dots in the two right hand leaves and washed a nice soft yellow background.

TIP: To make dots use the end of the paint brush or a toothpick if you need tiny with paint or with masking fluid.

Then I started on those leaves....the left one first. And the trouble began. Scrubbing became my new BFF. Adding green paint and scrubbing it off. Three hours later or was it five? I thought the leaves were doing well.

Time for those beautiful you can see the color is wrong, wrong, wrong but it was the best I could do.

Scrub, scrub!

I tried every red I had in my pallette...Alizarin, Windsor red, crimson lake....none on the pallette worked. They were too orange, too purple - just wrong!

Scrub, scrub! I was not happy at all!

Then I remembered I had more reds in my paint box. I tried EIGHT reds!

Daniel Smith and M Graham Quinacridone Rose and Red were my new friends. But I had lost my whites scrubbing off all those reds. Gouache to the rescue.....finally about TEN hours later I was done.

I thought it was a total disaster for hours, and then those two magic quinacridones fixed my problems.

I even had to repaint the background because I smeared paint all over it...sigh! So messy!

My point is...sometimes the best paintings I do feel like they are NEVER going to work....but I keep slogging on and magic can happen!

Moral of the story don't give up!

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